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Three Special Sessions are planned for IRG53

Climate Change & Wood Protection
Convenor: Dallin Brooks

Forests play a key role in the global carbon cycle and forest management and forest product utilization can play a key role in mitigating climate change. At the same time, a changing climate can make forests and wood products more vulnerable to biodegradation. This special session will explore the impacts of climate change on wood product quality, utilization, and performance.

We invite papers on changing insect and decay hazards, invasive forest pests and pathogens, the impacts of wood degrading organisms on wood quality, phytosanitary measures, utilization of climate-impacted fiber supplies, and the performance of wood products under changing conditions.

Circular Economy
Convenor: Liselotte De Ligne

Sustainable wood products have an important role to play in carbon sequestration and in substituting more carbon intensive products. Demand for sustainable wood materials is projected to increase. This puts increased pressure on natural forests. At the same time, wood products at the end of service life create large volumes of waste that is often difficult to reuse or recycle. The concept of a circular economy (e.g., by creating new products from wood waste) has the potential to reduce both challenges.

We invite papers on processes that make new wood products from recovered resources, and new products made from wood products at the end of their original service life. Of special interest, is the recovery and utilization of preserved and modified wood products. We also welcome papers that elaborate on the vision and challenges of circular economy, applied to the wood sector, such as design for disassembly, modularity, information tracking along the life-cycle and engagement of stakeholders.

New Preservative Products and Applications
Convenor: Kevin Archer

Wood preservatives continue to evolve. Regulatory changes in many jurisdictions are leading to the loss of preservatives, or additional restrictions on their use. This impacts treatments for industrial products such as poles, timbers, and railway sleepers (ties), as well as residential applications such as windows and doors. At the same time new innovations are leading to new formulations, or new applications for mature preservative systems. This special session will explore regulatory changes affecting wood preservatives and the alternatives being developed to take the place of restricted products.

We invite papers on regulatory changes and market impacts, new preservative development, and the use of traditional systems in new applications.

We invite papers for each of these Special Session topics.


There will be two Keynote Presentations at IRG53:

Davide Tagliapetra (National Research Council of Italy, Marine Sciences Institute in Venice):
Protection of Venetian pilings from marine borers

Jožica Gričar (Slovenian Forestry Institute): The influence of climate changes on Central European


Please note the following Deadlines for the IRG53 conference:

March 1, 2022 Submission of Papers to IRG Secretariat
April 1, 2022 Submission of Poster Abstracts to IRG Secretariat

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